The Gospel is readily received when preceded by ACTS of kindness and compassion


You can give the gift of kindness through

Food     Electricity     Personal Protection     Bibles     Sewing Masks

The conditions of village life under “normal” times is tenuous at best, with food insecurities, high rates of suicide, physical and sexual abuse and widespread substance abuse. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has intensified these factors under an environment of fear, stress and uncertainty.


Arctic Mission teams have been working tirelessly in our villages with community leaders to provide guidance and support for the NEW challenges they face with the COVID-19 pandemic. While some villages have a small clinic, many have no medical presence and lack basic supplies such as masks, gloves, soap and anti-bacterial wipes.


Like everywhere else, village supply stores lack needed food items and home supplies for families in need of a good meal and clean home and our AMA team is struggling to keep village food banks stocked with the essentials to help families eat. Your financial donations and support will help AMA continue to meet the needs of Alaska Native villages during the COVID-19 pandemic.