Located on a sound bordering the Chukchi Sea, about 30 miles above the Arctic Circle, approximately 70 percent of Kotzebue residents are Iñupiat Eskimo. Historically, Kotzebue served as a trading and gathering center for communities in the region. The Noatak, Selawik and Kobuk Rivers drain into the Kotzebue Sound forming a center for transportation to points inland.  People from interior villages as well as inhabitants of Russia came to trade furs, seal-oil, hides, rifles, ammunition, and seal skins at Kotzebue. People also gathered for competitions like the current World Eskimo Indian Olympics.  On September 2, 2015, President Barack Obama gave a speech on climate change in Kotzebue, becoming the first president to visit north of the Arctic Circle.

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Chad and Elizabeth Angasan

Chad and Elizabeth have been with the conference for several years.  Most recently the couple have been pursuing their degrees at Andrews University where Chad has earned his Masters in Divinity and Elizabeth her bachelors degree.  They will be returning to their Alaska home this summer and pastoring the Kotzebue and surrounding areas.  Chad and Elizabeth are eager to return home and begin minister to the people of Alaska.



Can You Help?

Costs Include Transportation

Permanent Housing (cost to be determined)

Parsonage Upgrades ($15,000)

Establish Local Radio Station ($15,000)

Local Day Camp ($10,000)

Volunteer Support, i.e., utilities, ongoing housing costs ($12,000)

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Source: DCRA Portal

This site has been occupied by Inupiat Eskimos for at least 600 years. "Kikiktagruk" was the hub of ancient Arctic trading routes long before European contact, due to its coastal location near a number of rivers. The German Lt. Otto Von Kotzebue "discovered" Kotzebue Sound in 1818 for Russia. The community was named after the Kotzebue Sound in 1899 when a post office was established. Since the turn of the century, expansion of economic activities and services in the area have enabled Kotzebue to develop relatively rapidly. The city was formed in 1958. An air force base and White Alice Communications System were later constructed.